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"Your Rides the Star!" - Personalized Photo Shoot

Have you always wanted to have your Smokin' Stang professionally photographed? We've all seen bikini clad SMOKIN hotties, and Mustang babes in all the magazines paired up with SMOKIN Rides. And how about those Rides/Babes of the month" contests that you have always wanted to submit your car for consideration?

SmokinStangs Laconia & Snapshot Action Sports Photography have made it possible to turn your dream into reality!  Through modern technology, we will have on-site processing kiosks at the 2014 Rally which should prove to be very cool, very SMOKIN!

We have pieced together some great media packages that you will put your ride in the spotlight. You be able to have your vehicle professionally photographed (with or without model), on-site edits performed, and burned media copies of the results of the shoot...all provided to you the very same day. This is the ultimate, ultimate!!

You will have full rights to the images, and will be free to do what you wish with them. Post on facebook, share with friends, and yes even...submit to your favorite magazines.

Personalized Photo Shoots will be taken place both on Saturday 06/28/14 & Sunday 06/29/2014.

Saturday - at NHMS (Lot S1) - New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Sunday - at New England Dragway (This will be a good opportunity for anyone involved in Saturday's and Sunday's motorized based activities to get their personalized vehicles photograpghed)

Be sure to take full advantage of the great opportunity!


Media Packages and Pricing will be coming soon!! Please check the SmokinStangs Laconia website frequently to updated information and registration info.




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SmokinStangs.com introduces the "Ultimate Street Mustang Challenge" to the annual Mustang Rally.  Will your Mustang, SVT, Ford Powered Vehicle be crowned as the "ULTIMATE!!".  Click <here> to learn more.

SmokinStangs Laconia continues to bring you the enthusiast to scenic Laconia for a collective, celebratory, and surely one the remember... Mustang rally.  The local Chamber of Commerce has again grasped this opportunity and is working hand-in-hand with our organizers to make the 3rd annual 2014 3-day activity-based destination another unforgettable time for all!

Follow the below links for press releases describing our 2011 event:

The Citizen of Laconia, Sep 10, 2011

The Laconia Daily, Sep 10, 2011

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