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Rally Events



The Meet-n-Greet takes place on Friday 6/27/14 at the Lobster Pound restaurant on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee at Weirs Beach, Laconia. The event is scheduled to run from Noon until 5:00pm and is a fun, informal gathering to start the week off. SmokinStangs Laconia reserves the entire parking lot  for this event. This is a very informal event where you can stop by, check in, purchase a T Shirt, have something to eat on the famous Lakeside Avenue Strip, and of course at the Lobster Pound restaurant, and then come on back and check out any new SmokinStangs that have stopped in. Some rally patrons stay for an hour or so and others stay the entire time, the choice is up to you.

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SmokinStangs.com introduces the "Ultimate Street Mustang Challenge" to the annual Mustang Rally.  Will your Mustang, SVT, Ford Powered Vehicle be crowned as the "ULTIMATE!!".  Click <here> to learn more.

SmokinStangs Laconia continues to bring you the enthusiast to scenic Laconia for a collective, celebratory, and surely one the remember... Mustang rally.  The local Chamber of Commerce has again grasped this opportunity and is working hand-in-hand with our organizers to make the 3rd annual 2014 3-day activity-based destination another unforgettable time for all!

Follow the below links for press releases describing our 2011 event:

The Citizen of Laconia, Sep 10, 2011

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