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Put you skills and car to the test, as you race against the clock! This Auto-X event is open to all experience levels, ranging from Novice to Expert. If you’ve never tried Auto-X this would be a great first time opportunity to do so. This would also be a great time to show off your driving skills and/or vehicles capabilities to your peers. This AutoX event will challenge all levels of beginner to advance drivers' abilities…with a strong emphasis on fun!

Not only is this a great event to participate in, but is as equally as fun to watch as well!

Info / Details:

Location: NHMS – New Hampshire Motor Speedway (Lot S1)
Official address: 1122 Route 106 North Loudon, NH 03307

Date: Saturday / June 28, 2014

Hosted by: SCCNH – Sports Car Club of New Hampshire

Registration fee: $50 per vehicle

Event Agenda

•   The gates will be open at 8am
•   For events at NHMS, all participants must sign in
    at the NHMS registration building before going to
    the parking lot (Located at Main Entrance - White
    1-Story Building) across from S1 Lot
•   Registration opens at 8:30 All participants must
    check in at registration and sign the release
•   Technical inspection opens at 8:30am
•   The course is open for walking 9:00am-9:30am
•   Drivers meeting takes place at 9:30am
•   First car off is at 10:00

Misc Details:

Valid license & proof of insurance is required. Five loaner helmets will be made available (If you have your own…you are encouraged to bring it). Crew will be provided to do the registration, tech inspection, timing, instruction and general management. Pre-registration is highly encouraged. We will need to inspect each vehicle before its first run. All competitors will have to do the cone picking. At the end of the day we will be able to provide you with printed and electronic results.

To best achieve maximum participation there will be three (3) required activities going on simultaneously: one group running, one group picking cones and one group in pre-run (registration, tech inspection and orientation). Small groups, of roughly 10 cars, would allow for an estimated 60 cars (+/-) to run through with three to four runs each between 9AM and 5PM. It will take about 30 minutes for pre-run, an hour of picking and an hour of running plus what ever the competitor needs to clear his car prior to tech and reload it after the run. Participants/Competitors must perform the required responsibilities set forth by the SCCNH staff that supports this AutoX event. NOTE: Details subject to change at SmokinStangs Laconia’s discretion.


SCCNH – Sports Car Club of NH:

“What is Auto Cross?”...to learn more:

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Preview video on-site/onboard an actual autocross run:

Preview video of a Mustang performing an autocross run:



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SmokinStangs Laconia continues to bring you the enthusiast to scenic Laconia for a collective, celebratory, and surely one the remember... Mustang rally.  The local Chamber of Commerce has again grasped this opportunity and is working hand-in-hand with our organizers to make the 3rd annual 2014 3-day activity-based destination another unforgettable time for all!

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