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SmokinStangs Laconia Third Annual Car Show

The SmokinStangs Laconia Third Annual Car Show will mark the final day of SmokinStangs Laconia. Time to shine and show off those SmokinStangs as well as other Ford Specialty vehicles.

This car show will be the foundation for much of Sunday’s happenings, and will be the place to be! So be sure to check it out, regardless of if your showing, displaying, participating, browsing, visiting, etc…as it is sure to be a great & memorable time, offering personal & family fun with something for everyone to see and enjoy! Good times, good people, car show & more…all at New England Dragway in Epping, NH - LOCATION NOW AT THE LOBSTER POUND - 70 Endicott Street, Route 3 N, Weirs Beach, NH 03247

The SmokinStangs Laconia organization hopes that you’re as excited about this as we are!

Info / Details:
The SmokinStangs Laconia Third Annual Car Show

New England Dragway THE LOBSTER POUND
Official address:
70 Endicott Street, Route 3 N, Weirs Beach, NH 03247

Date: Sunday / June 29, 2014

Hosted by: SmokinStangs Laconia event staff

Registration fee: $20

Who can register: MUSTANGS, Specialty Ford Vehicles, Cobra's and Mercury Capris.

____________________CAR SHOW SCHEDULE____________________

3rd Annual Car Show
THE LOBSTER POUND.....................9am-3:30pm
(General Admission / Attendees / Spectators) NE Dragway Gate Fees Apply
Car Show Registration
THE LOBSTER POUND ($)….........9am-Noon
Awards Presentation
THE LOBSTER POUND..............2:30pm-3:30pm



SmokinStangs Laconia Staff will judge the following classes and award a First Place and Runner Up trophy per class:

64 1/2 to 68 Mustang
69 to 73 Mustang
74 to 78 Mustang
79 to 86 Mustang
79 to 86 Capri
87 to 93 Mustang
94 to 98 Mustang
99 to 04 Mustang
2005 to 2010 Mustang
2011-Present Mustang (including 2015 / 50th Anniversary Mustang)

Special Interest(Cobra, Kit, Pantera, Etc...)

Best SVT Cobra
Best Shelby
Best Shelby American
Best Saleen
Best Roush
Best Ford Truck (includes Lightning, Raptor etc) *Sponsored by Latemodel Restoration

SmokinStangs Laconia Staff will Judge and Award one trophy for each of the following:

Best of Show
Best Paint
Best Engine
Best Stereo
Best Interior
Wildest Pony
Best Stocker-(Finest example of stock vehicle)
Best Drag Car

Additional Car Show Notes:

- Judging will be performed by a combination of SmokinStangs Laconia staff and designated representatives from various participating clubs and forums.

- Participants in the "Ultimate Street Mustang Challenge" will be prominently displayed within their own independent judging area

- Parking will be on a 1st come first serve basis (This will allow for friends and/or groups to park together if desired)

- A separate "DISPLAY ONLY" Area will be provided on-site for non-showing car show participants

(SmokinStangs Laconia Staff has the final say on qualifying such display only vehicles and the right of refusal)

- On-site TRAILER parking to include tow vehicles has been made available at the rear of the property

Additional Car Show Information available: http://www.SmokinStangs.com/showthread.php/3284-2nd-Annual-SmokinStangs-Laconia-Car-Show-Location-Info

SmokinStangs.com is always accepting NEW members for registration....To join is completely free.

Please take a quick couple of minutes and register right now. Registration is simple and efficient, and no personal data is collected. We hope to have you as a member of this NEW, exciting, growing, mature, community-based Mustang web forum....where our members are just as important as the Stangs they drive & own!!

If you're a Mustang junkie, and/or enthusiast, SmokinStangs is the site for you! JOIN TODAY!

SmokinStangs.com introduces the "Ultimate Street Mustang Challenge" to the annual Mustang Rally.  Will your Mustang, SVT, Ford Powered Vehicle be crowned as the "ULTIMATE!!".  Click <here> to learn more.

SmokinStangs Laconia continues to bring you the enthusiast to scenic Laconia for a collective, celebratory, and surely one the remember... Mustang rally.  The local Chamber of Commerce has again grasped this opportunity and is working hand-in-hand with our organizers to make the 3rd annual 2014 3-day activity-based destination another unforgettable time for all!

Follow the below links for press releases describing our 2011 event:

The Citizen of Laconia, Sep 10, 2011

The Laconia Daily, Sep 10, 2011

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